Our History

Cornerstone Baptist Church began just over 20 years ago as Victory Baptist Church. Victory Baptist Church was planted in October of 2000 by Trevor Waybright. He and his family faithfully served the church in Hermiston, and pointed people to Jesus. 

After 12 years of faithfully worshipping in a very small building, Victory Baptist had grown and the church moved into a new location on the corner of Main Street and 2nd Ave, in  downtown Hermiston. From there, it has grown and flourished in downtown. Trevor Waybright moved to a new town in 2014, and Dax Bryant led the church for the next 6 years. He gave the church an even more solid footing in an understanding of theology and doctrine. When he moved to Texas in 2021, Nick Coleman took the reins as the senior pastor.

The church's name was changed to Cornerstone Baptist Church in January of 2023. 

Cornerstone is an independent, Bible-believing church. We do not belong to a denomination, however we voluntarily recognize and cooperate with an association of churches affiliated with Church Venture Northwest.